Colourful, joyful, with a playful spirit of irony.
The new &Co.llaboration BLA BLA BLA by MAX&Co. with the artist Pietro Terzini is an ode to self-expression, creativity and levity.

Blazer Maxandco Double Media Desktop 1 MAX&Co.


Pietro Terzini is an Italian artist who lives and works in Milan. His style ranges from digital art to fine art, passing through street art.
The heart of Pietro’s art is the contemporary world in which fashion plays a central role along with capitalism, consumerism and the concept of love in the era of social media.
In recent years he has collaborated with some of the most important brands in the world and has exhibited his works in Europe and the United States.

Terzini Maxandco Hero Split Desktop MAX&Co.

In the BLA BLA BLA &Co.llaboration, Terzini transforms style staples into what he describes as ‘wearable memes’. Wardrobe classics are disrupted and emboldened with a tongue-in-cheek attitude courtesy of spontaneous handwritten phrases.

Vaso Maxandco Double Media Desktop MAX&Co.
Maglieria Maxandco Double Media Desktop MAX&Co.